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Handheld Conference

Wow, that was one awesome conference.

Went with some guys and gals from work, managed to get the firm to pay for an Andy Clarke CSS3 workshop. This was a long day of chimps, flex-box, columns and other stuff that does not work in IE9. Andy spent his time in great detail with what’s available to us with these new CSS3 layout methods and has a pretty convincing argument on using them now.
Not to be daunted though, there are cases, by using progressive enhancement, that we can use flex-box now and we’re going to.

Other notable speakers were Jeremy Keith, Brendon Dawes (“Photoshop is like Elvis, fat Elvis on the toilet waiting to die”), Andy ‘no slides just passion and experience’ Clarke and Jeffery Zeldman.

Apparently there will be no Handheld next year, there will be something but not as it was this year.

Cardiff Bay was awesome, with the Millenium Centre an amazing tactile venue. We all left inspired and a little hung over.